But You Seem Fine

An interactive story on growing up while navigating the struggles and uncertainties of invisible illness.

Meet Rae and her mom...

Rae Kim is your average 14-year-old dweeb, but at the beginning of her freshman year in high school, she suddenly gets sick and doesn't know why. Follow her journey as she and her mom struggle to find out what's wrong.

This game addresses invisible illness, which is defined as chronic illness that does not present any visible or outwardly identifiable symptoms. In order to create representation of invisible illnesses in media, tell more diverse stories, and raise awareness about the experience of invisible illness, we aim to create an interactive visual novel following Rae’s story.

About Us

Kyra Bautista

Kyra is focusing on artistic development and Unity scripting. As an aspiring technical artist, she enjoys creating characters and exploring new ways to troubleshoot different game engines and 3D software. Her focus is HCI and computer animation and she is excited to work on But You Seem Fine.

Alaina Kwan

Alaina is focusing on HCI and front-end development, and has always been fascinated by the intersection of art and technology. As the only team member with an invisible illness (narcolepsy), and as an avid video game fan since she was a wee child, Alaina is extra excited to be working on But You Seem Fine.

Joy Phillips

Joy is focusing on software development and HCI in her studies now and in her  career. She studies both Informatics and English and has always been curious about games as a medium for telling stories. She is thrilled to be working on But You Seem Fine as both a developer and artist.

Madeleine Stevenson

Madeleine is focusing on project management and Unity scripting for this project. As a patron of the theatre and dance scene, she is passionate about combining her love of storytelling with her technological background. Her experience in the gaming industry is varied but she is excited to be a part of development on this game.

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